Demerrall Hungarian Vizsla's

Is a Vizsla the right breed for you?

In my opinion its difficult to find a more beautiful and intelligent dog. The Hungarian Vizsla's loyalty, energy, trainability and desire to please take some beating.   The Vizsla  is  bred as a hunt ,point and retrieve gundog and has high energy levels requiring regular exercise and mental stimulation.  Vizsla's are highly intelligent and capable of learning quickly which makes them easy to train but also quick to learn who they can manipulate and just how much they can get away with.

Hungarian Vizsla’s aren't normally suitable for first time dog owners, you really need some dog experience to manage them. They require calm, firm and kind handling and  respond well to positive training which capitalises their need to please. 

Hungarian Vizslas are most definitely not suitable for working people. They require human company and are nicknamed the “Velcro dog” as they are never far from your side.  Vizsla’s will kennel with company but never for long periods of time. If they are left for long periods of time they will become distressed and destructive. Any reputable breeder will check your home circumstances, please be honest here as it may save a lot of heart break.

The Vizsla is generally slow to mature and its rare to get through the first two years without some damage to your home and garden. Please don’t think of owning a Vizsla if you are house proud. They are also keen to socialise and can play roughly with smaller breeds if allowed. 

The Vizsla is a pleasure to live with but like any dog he takes time to learn his socialisation skills, he is not born with them you must teach him the right way to behave. Please make sure you have the time and patience available to train a Vizsla before you think of owning one. 

A note about children. Although Vizsla's make excellent family dogs they are boisterous and strong. Young children should not be left unattended with your Vizsla or indeed any dog, They can easily be knocked over, pawed or nipped, during "play". The Vizsla won't treat a child any different from his litter mates and they play rough!

Think carefully about your family and home situation before you commit to owning a Vizsla, with the right time, environment and commitment you couldn’t want a more loyal and beautiful  companion .